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Travel addict inc…

“I am Sheila Kimm and I love travel”

travel 4


That would be me in a travel addiction therapy session.

Hopefully, I would have traveled the world and still looking forward to travel some more, because travel gives me life!

And I’m sure many would share that sentiment.

rolph 6

Fortunately, I am in a career that allows me to travel across different parts of Kenya then write reviews about it in the national newspaper  and it has been fun experiences on many levels.

So rather than trying to find the perfect words, I will simply use my favorite travel quotes to express my love 10

And if I could,

Travel 5

Honestly I would use all and any means to get me there… whether its

travel 11

I would simply


Travel 6

And have tons of fun at it

Because I strongly believe that

travel 7

And any step towards promoting my love for travel would be very much welcome…

Now…I’ve had some pretty awesome days sitting in the office, chilling at my place and just doing nothing…

Travel 1

Because I finally get to learn new cultures, experience new adventure each time and just expand my scope of knowledge from different perspectives.

Like the law of affirmation,

travel 12

I love Avicii’s “The nights” because its a reflection and affirmation about living life and making worthwhile memories.

His dad tells his to live a life he will remember and I’m sure any old person would encourage the young to


Travel 3

Then again,


Travel 2

Haaa! Some peeps are still on page one and don’t mind it, but as long as one has life, they can travel

You don’t have to do it on the grandest travel plan, simply take the first step and watch the beauty of life unfold step by step.

travel 8

Even then, don’t forget to live the grand life you are already blessed to have because…

travel 13


So ….come with or holla at me sometime and

travel 9

Love, live and travel…





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