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Taking stock: 2

sheila 1Let’s take this month’s stock…

And rather than outlining all facets of my life ha! I’ll pick out 10 favorite taking stock tags

1. Excited:
That January is over my people! This months feels like 90+ days and I have had some long days and nights I tell ya! But I’m so pumped up to start my February all ready for new experiences and adventure.

2. Proud:
Of my culinary skills these days! Ah! long gone are days when I’d order barbeque chicken, sweet n sour pork ribs and pizza because I can fix them up real quick from the comfort of my house. Shout out to my mom for teaching me well…and of course You-tube.
Bonus: Here’s my favorite Pizza recipe link:

3. Making:
A list of the things I’d like to accomplish this February and better blogging is definately high up in there.

4. Cooking:
No… I’m not cooking today. I’ve had enough cook ins this months and Its restaurant week around here so Yeaaah! I feel like I need one of those cool meals in my system. Plus, its Sunday so lets end the weekend on a high.
Bonus: Here is a list of restaurants participating in the #NRW2016

5. Drinking:
Tropical juice. Sometimes its all I need when seeking some wring inspiration.

6. Reading:
“Designing brand Identity” by Wheeler. Its one of my favorite Masterclass course text this semester and I’m definitely learning a lot in regards to brands.

7. Wanting:
To have a clear mind, and just chill! No thinking, no pressure to achieve goals, no deadlines to meet in regards to article delivery, Just chill! Does this happen on earth or…maybe I should move to another planet yeah?

8. Looking:
Like my hair needs a make over. Ait! so I’m going to the salon after uploading this, or maybe I can keep it this way for one more week as I accessorize it with cute head scarfs…but well see about that!

9. Playing:
With Adobe Suite applications so I can master the art of doing my own videos a.d editing them without necessarily engaging video editors.

10. Feeling:
That I need to make my weekends fun by planning up road trips and meet ups with family and friends, all in a bid to spread the love and make memories.


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