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Hazel’s Cool Crafts

Generation Next Profile: Hazel Muiruri

Hazel is a 9 year old home schooled creative who learns violin and most of her crafts from you-tube with the help of her parents, then sells her creative pieces to generate cash.


You are quite a creative and crafty girl. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Hazel Muiruri, aged 9 and I love learning new things especially in regards to arts, crafts and the violin which is my favorite musical instrument. I also have a small sister that I love playing with and watching her grow.

So what schools do you attend?

Most of my learning happens at home because my mother, who studied a Bachelor in Education is my teacher. Together, we are able to explore new topics in line with my strengths in arts, crafts and music.

Did you learn playing the violin at home?

Yes! Initially we had a music teacher who imparted the basics in regards to the violin keys and how to handle the instrument, but once I mastered the keys, most of my learning now happens courtesy of you tube where I watch tutorials.

What violin songs have you mastered?

This far, I know a lot of songs, but I can perform full renditions of “Mary had a little lamb” and “Baby Jesus”

Is You-tube the same strategy you used to learn the art and craft tips you use in your projects?

Yes! Having you-tube and my mother as a teacher is the best thing that happened to me as a home school student because I get to explore a wide array of topics as well as learn from the many you-tube creators who specialize on the craft topics I am interested in. My mother is able to analyses my passions and help me towards doing relevant projects.

What benefits have you received from the arts projects?

Thankfully, I have friends who love what I do and since they cannot create the same accessories and crafts, they get to buy from me. This works to my advantage because I am able to do what I love and make money from it, which I can then save and use to buy more crafts supplies.

Some of the best projects you have made would be?

I have made bottle cap fidget spinners which are now very popular among my friends in the estate. I also make decorative bottles that people can use in their houses, earrings that people like my mother, aunties and elder cousins can buy. I love all the projects but these are some of my favorites.

You are also quite active on social media. How did you start that?

With the activities we were doing as a family, as well as the projects that I was doing in my classes, my mother decided to put the projects out on social media and people started appreciating what I was creating. Many times they would ask questions about the crafts and I answered them with the help of my mother, thus giving rise to an online following.

Considering that you have learnt so much online, do you plan to start your own channel anytime soon?

Yes! I am very eager to start my own channel and I have discussed it several times with my mother. We shall call it “Hazel’s take” and in it, I will get the chance to encourage young people to explore their creative side and try out DIY projects. Who knows they might also sell and make some money from it like I do.

What is your advice to young children who have access to internet and social media platforms?

You-tube and other social media platforms have so much to teach, so young people should strive to learn topics that are relevant to their passions and that way, they will be able to grow both academically, creatively and perhaps make some pocket money out of it.




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