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Celebrities flaunt the Pace Focus Head phones

You have probably seen your favorite Kenyan celebrity rocking the Pace Focus headphones and while at first we all thought it was a fad, the headphones are fast gaining popularity across the city with visiting artistes also getting a pair of the power packed headphones. Don Moen received his pair from the Pace Focus figureheads and was quite elated to have them.


So what exactly is it about these headphones that makes artistes flaunt them all over? We have used them and here are some features/tips on why they stand out!


1.   3D Sound features

The PACE Focus 3D sound produces a realistic listening experience which gives you the prefect balance between strong Bass and crystal clear vocals. For anyone that loves enjoying their music complete with the instrumental effects, this headphones provide the perfect solution.


2.  Noise cancelling surround features

For those that want to get immersed in a world of music, look no further! Whether you are in a crowed street or a busy office, the PACE Focus headphones have a noise cancelling feature that keeps out all the noise around you putting you in the zone.


3.   Bluetooth connection

Finally, a pair of headphones that does not need you to keep the audio jacks connected! All you need to do is to enable your Bluetooth connections and voila, you can listen to your music while on the run and even pick calls without reaching for your phone.

Pro tip: You have to long press the power button to activate the Bluetooth feature.

The headphones come with a detached audio jack for use if need be.

4.   35 Hour battery life

We all love gadgets that stay on for extensive amounts and fortunately, these headphones come with a usb connector cable that allows you to charge your phone with up to 35 hours of battery life.

Pro tip: 35 hours is enough time to hear to over 400+ songs continuously so keep the phones charged up.


5.   Sleek Outlook

Everyone loves to pack a gadget that looks sleek not only for their tastes but also for their street credentials. The pace headphones come in a matte black package, a carryon case, black and silver finishing. They are also extremely lightweight, incredibly flexible, with a super comfortable ear cushions for extra comfort  

6.   Posh carry on case

Rather than letting you squeeze up your headphones in whatever bag you have when moving around, pace focus headphones come packed in a black carryon case that looks good to the eyes while safely packing your phones.

7.   Price

For the features mentioned above and a unique experience, the headphones retail at Kshs. 5 500 and can be bought online at is C

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