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Camping personal effects checklist – Part 4

Nothing beats the feeling that “I should have carried my lotion, toothpaste and other personal effects”. Here is a checklist for your personal effects Toilet paper Sunscreen Lip balm Insect repellent Hand sanitizer Alcohol or antiseptic wipes Spare eyeglasses/contact lenses Mirror First-aid kit (see First-Aid Checklist) Prescription/ medication Toothbrush, toiletry

camping food must haves – Part 3

In regards to the items that you can eat while camping, here is a list that will keep you going. Remember to pick what works for you   Coffee Eggs Cereal/granola/oatmeal Breakfast bars Butter/margarine Jelly/jam Bread/bagels Meat Soup mixes/bouillon cubes Prepared or freeze-dried meals Cooking oil/spray Salt/pepper Tea Milk (powdered or fresh)

camping kitchen must haves – part 2

Back to the camping basics and this time around, we look at kitchen/cooking utensils. Once you have most of the items in the first camping post, this are the kitchen items you need   Stove Fuel Matches/lighter Charcoal (with fire starter) Firewood (if allowed, plus saw or axe) Grill rack Frying pan

Travel addict inc…

"I am Sheila Kimm and I love travel" Yes! That would be me in a travel addiction therapy session. Hopefully, I would have traveled the world and still looking forward to travel some more, because travel gives me life! And I'm sure many would share that sentiment. Fortunately, I am in a career that allows