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Celebrities flaunt the Pace Focus Head phones

You have probably seen your favorite Kenyan celebrity rocking the Pace Focus headphones and while at first we all thought it was a fad, the headphones are fast gaining popularity across the city with visiting artistes also getting a pair of the power packed headphones. Don Moen received his pair

Wizkid is the ‘Wrong’ Winner!

Remember when Steve Harvey Announced the wrong Miss Universe?   Only to clarify that he had made a mistake later on? Then switch the crowns up as the whole world watched? I was pissed! I felt disappointed and embarrassed for the contestants! Honestly, no one deserves to wait for that opportune "Miss Universe" moment

Travel addict inc…

"I am Sheila Kimm and I love travel" Yes! That would be me in a travel addiction therapy session. Hopefully, I would have traveled the world and still looking forward to travel some more, because travel gives me life! And I'm sure many would share that sentiment. Fortunately, I am in a career that allows

Taking stock: 2

Let's take this month's stock... And rather than outlining all facets of my life ha! I'll pick out 10 favorite taking stock tags 1. Excited: That January is over my people! This months feels like 90+ days and I have had some long days and nights I tell ya! But I'm so pumped

Masters and conquering fears

Its cold and chilly, the kind that flashes you back to proud moments because you need something to brighten you up amidst the chills. And I finally found one of those moments that double up as a Throwback Thursday a.k.a #tbt. Remember the first time you showed up in a school,

Annoying Kenyan habits on social media (whatsapp edition)

whatsapp emo Photo: Courtesy

  By (@sheilakimm) Ever logged onto your social media pages and simply wished that time could turn back…way back to the hunting and gathering days when you didn’t have to connect with so many humans at the same time? As if the recent digital migration was not harsh enough, Kenyans have taken the