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Hazel’s Cool Crafts

Generation Next Profile: Hazel Muiruri Hazel is a 9 year old home schooled creative who learns violin and most of her crafts from you-tube with the help of her parents, then sells her creative pieces to generate cash.   You are quite a creative and crafty girl. Tell us a little about

Fenty Beauty is out!

Its about time and Rihanna has done it again thanks to her Fenty Beauty collection     In a cover story for ELLE, Rihanna dished on the first time she experienced makeup, namely lipstick, which is now her “secret weapon.” The “Diamonds” singer said, “Lipstick always got me in trouble. Whether it was at

Breakfast wishlist

We all have those breakfast meals that we'd love on a daily basis! That said, sometimes we wish for much more and this is how my breakfast wishlist is set up   Here is a quick video for you s set up

Serving beauty

Forget the flying brows, the crimson red cheeks, the chipping lipstick and those other faults that come across with poor make up application. Make up is a beautiful add on if used right and I am crushing on these beautiful works by Joy Adenuga of Here you go                     You can also check

Banky W proposes

Haaa! So after Susu took forever to feel the love vibes that Banky W was sending her way, Banky W continues to explain how he executed their beautiful engagement through his music video “Made for you”. I must admit that the moment I saw this video I was like “No way!

Shaaa! Banky slid into her DM first!

“You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” Dr. Seuss Love is a beautiful thing and those who find it find a sense of fulfillment that ultimately makes life worth living. I have seen my friends date, wallow in doubt, get married and


So.... I've had moments of awesome  and pure bliss in July! And I am impressed at the transition into this new month,   August, which I feel will even get better... Of course my schedule these days is too packed up... or I'm just finding it difficult to make time for a lot of things but I