Unboxing of the Pace Focus Headphones

Definitely the must have headphones, here is a look at the PACE Focus Headphone unboxing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zZHCucsoAk

Celebrities flaunt the Pace Focus Head phones

You have probably seen your favorite Kenyan celebrity rocking the Pace Focus headphones and while at first we all thought it was a fad, the


Hazel’s Cool Crafts

Generation Next Profile: Hazel Muiruri Hazel is a 9 year old home schooled creative who learns violin and most of her crafts from you-tube with


camping food must haves – Part 3

In regards to the items that you can eat while camping, here is a list that will keep you going. Remember to pick what works for

Taking stock: 2

Let's take this month's stock... And rather than outlining all facets of my life ha! I'll pick out 10 favorite taking stock tags 1. Excited: That January is